Instructions & Help

How to Create an Account

Click the Register button and fill out at least all of the fields with red asterisks. 

(You are required to have an email address.  If this isn’t an option, please as your local library for a paper log you can use.)

After your account is created, add your reader(s), either yourself or members of your family.

When you are finished entering your first reader information, click Next so you can choose the appropriate age group.  The last step is that the site will ask you if you want to add another reader

Your Dashboard

Once all your readers are added, you can now login with your username and password created during the first step.  Here you can see the points earned by reading and participating in activities.  This is where you will add your minutes/books, see activities to do and enter secret codes received at programs.

If you run into any problems, please use the contact form to the right and someone will email you back as soon as possible. 

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